Online Keno

High Flying casinos have Keno for sure, as it is a very high class casino game. In very less period it has gained love and goodwill. The reason why people are getting attracted and showing so much of interest is because of it’s huge paybacks. It’s a very simple and easy to understand game as it doesn’t have so much of complicated rules. Eighty cards are served to players and they can select the number they want to play with. As soon as twenty cards are selected, the draw process is started by casino.

The numbers are drawn by Random Number Generator. Due to its simplicity, anyone can enjoy this game and understand it easily. It’s completely a luck depended game and that’s why you can not plan any strategies to win it. Gamblers need to choose the number, they want to bet for. The offered series are: 1-5, 1-12 and 1-10. Expertise in gambling is not required to play this game. You can play it anywhere as it is available at almost all online casinos.

Keno Online Rules – How to Play Keno

1) Choose a Keno Online Game

First of all you have to choose an online casino where you want to play. As there are so many variations in keno, you should look and read rules carefully, as they all have slight difference in rules.

2) Select Numbers from Keno’s Grid

To select your number you can take the help of mouse after selecting your recommended online keno variant. Digital Keno card grid has 80 separate numbers and the player can choose many or few as per his preference. Selection of minimum or maximum number is in your hands. Generally the maximum number is 20 and minim is 1 but this depends upon the variant you choose.

3) Decide how much to bet

The number of amount you wish to bet totally depends upon the casino, as the number differs from casino to casino. Mostly it has been noticed that in keno, you can bet minimum $5 and maximum $10.

Keno Online Strategy Tips

 Search for the casino that offers maximum payouts.
 1st play the game for free and then invest money.
 Wisely place your bets.
 The odd numbers are great to try for winning.
 Find a casino that offers good welcome bonus.
 Too many numbers cab=n be harmful, so choose few.
 Multi-race cards must be used.
 In a smart way manage your bankroll.

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