7 Cool Facts about Online Casinos You Didn’t Know

online casino

Each day we can observe the fabulous speed at which the online gaming community becomes more and more strongly on the Web. Players winning jackpots, discounts, bonuses, breathtaking poker games, these all tips are responsible for this raising growth of the gambling industry. The entire range of legends, myths, claims revolve around in the world of online casino. With the love and devotion, here we listed some cool facts about the online casino games which you didn’t know apparently.     

Fact No. 1

The interest of the men is too much as compared to women is clearly display by the ratio of men gamblers versus women gamblers. 84% of men are gamblers, this mean that men are too fond of the betting game. But the interesting thing is that the first legal casino license were issued on the name of the women named Mayme Stocker in 1920 at the Northern Club, Las Vegas.

Fact No. 2

Monte Carlo is popular as the residence of Grace Kelly, Formula 1 Grand Prix race, and the surprising amount of richness and wealth. But the most striking feature of four long established quarters of Monaco is mostly famed for its ill-famed Monte Carlo Casino. So, as per to their law, in Monte Carlo Casino, people of Monaco are not allowed to gamble since1800s.  

Fact No. 3

In the movie Twenty One of Kevin Spacey with 6 MIT students who were qualified to make them perfect in counting cards. This power is typical to gain but in blackjack online game, only a perfect and legal strategy i.e card counting.

Fact No. 4

It is true that you can really prohibit yourself from a casino via Voluntarily Exclusion program, which grant the gamblers to stop themselves for playing casino games.

Fact No. 5

At present, the players who play online slots games is about the 90% which is too high and only 10% of the players stay on the offline slots, and land based casino because of the trust. But only 33% out of all the players may call themselves competent gamblers.    

Fact No. 6

Beside offering standard forms of online gambling, online casinos also have lotteries. But people don’t know that lotteries are also a popular type of gambling. You didn’t know that more than 55% of the whole world’s population play any kind of lottery, which is also a part of the world of gambling.

Fact No. 7

The feeling of winning large amount of money by playing online slot is too fascinating that everyone wants. But on the other side, the world of online gambling also provide various games like demo play or free online gaming for those who wants to enjoy with the game processes rather than money.  

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